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Collaborative Business Integration

Interstage is the business collaboration platform designed to support new business activities, such as fully-fledged Web services, in the age of broadband Internet. The demanding business conditions of recent years have spurred the need for systems that can cope with extremely rapid change. The role of open-standards middleware, which integrates across a variety of different applications and platforms, is therefore a critical factor when creating next-generation enterprise systems.

Collaborative Business Integration

Interstage incorporates technologies cultivated in many different types of industries and businesses, and possesses features that enable it to provide speedy Internet business solutions and smooth expansion to cope with diversifying market needs. These features include:

  • A high degree of openness that gives rise to new business possibilities
    Interstage is a platform built from global standard technologies and open de facto standard technologies. It achieves high portability with respect to commercially available software products and packages and also has a strong record of real-world use in a diverse range of industries and businesses. Interstage opens up a wealth of new business possibilities for software products and packages.

  • Solid performance and reliability combined with unparalleled scalability 
    Interstage is a scalable platform representing a body of technology and expertise developed to ensure high performance and reliability. When used in provider businesses, such as ASPs and ISPs, Interstage forms an infrastructure that ensures customer confidence by providing consistently high levels of service.

  • Timely support for the latest technologies and the pursuit of simplification
    The modern corporate environment changes on a daily basis. By providing timely support for the latest technologies, Interstage can handle new business transactions and provide speedy solutions to the problems facing business. Tasks are also greatly simplified as a result of one-touch installation and automatic setup of system environments depending on the scale of operations. This makes Interstage suitable for a wide range of applications, regardless of the size or type of target industry or business.

  • An integrated development environment with high productivity and maintainability (and templates)
    Interstage provides an integrated development environment that enables high development productivity and maintainability through the use of Java and Enterprise Java Beans (EJB). Combined with a broad range of practical components and templates, this Interstage development environment significantly expands the possibilities available to systems integration businesses.

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